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Join our guided tours of Aarhus City Hall and DOKK1 every Saturday. For info about time and place, see our calendar.

Our summer program for City Walks 2020 will be available here at the end of April.

Who are the Aarhus Guides?

The Aarhus Guides is the largest and most experienced organisation of professional guides in Aarhus, the Central Region of Denmark, and the rest of Jutland. For more than 60 years Aarhus Guides have been providing group tours in Aarhus, catering for all ages and languages.


We offer guided tours in multiple languages, e.g. Danish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese and Russian (and if not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to ask as we can probably provide it).

Choose one of our many suggested tours and attractions, or contact us with your wishes for a specialised tour or City Walk, tailored just for your needs..

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Aarhus City Tour 

Jelling and the Runic Stones 

Silkeborg and the Sky Mountain  


Fyrkat – the Viking Centre 

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The two runic stones, more than a thousand years old, symbolize the transition from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages and Christianity. Harald Bluetooth’s stone describes the beginning of Christianity in Denmark and is known as Denmark’s birth certificate. The runic stones, the two mounds and the church were erected in memory of the dead, but also to honour the living, and together those monuments are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tour will take you through beautiful Danish countryside.