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AarhusGuides offer sales of guided tours, cruise- and translationservices, transfer to/from the airport as well as tours around all attractions in Aarhus and Jutland by bus, bike or foot.

Click the images underneath and be inspired as to what inspiring experiences you could offer your touristgroup, co-workers, businesspartners, students, family etc.

Click on the images below and get inspired for what exciting experiences you could offer your group.

Vis flere

Tower Climb

The Greenhouses, The Botanical Garden

ARoS - Art Museum

Aarhus Harbour

Aarhus University

Aarhus City Hall

Aarhus Theatre

Aarhus Docklands

Quiz tours

Outside Aarhus

The Royal Gardens

The Old Town

Aarhus Cathedral

Aarhus City Tour 

Fyrkat – the Viking Centre


The Manor Houses 

Silkeborg and the Sky Mountain

Moesgaard Museum – a museum of pre-history 

Jelling and the Runic Stones 

The Manor House “Gl. Estrup”, today a museum, is more than 500 years old and gives us a picture of manor life in the old days. Enjoy the newly renovated Great Hall decorated with Flemish tapestries. We also visit the renaissance castle Rosenholm, owned by the Rosenkrantz family. See and hear about the family portraits painted by well-known artists. And if you hear the sound of heavy boots on the stairs, it can only be the evil Palle Rosenkrantz – the ghost of the Rosenholm Castle.