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AarhusGuides offer sales of guided tours, cruise- and translationservices, transfer to/from the airport as well as tours around all attractions in Aarhus and Jutland by bus, bike or foot.

Click the images underneath and be inspired as to what inspiring experiences you could offer your touristgroup, co-workers, businesspartners, students, family etc.

Click on the images below and get inspired for what exciting experiences you could offer your group.

The two runic stones, more than a thousand years old, symbolize the transition from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages and Christianity. Harald Bluetooth’s stone describes the beginning of Christianity in Denmark and is known as Denmark’s birth certificate. The runic stones, the two mounds and the church were erected in memory of the dead, but also to honour the living, and together those monuments are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tour will take you through beautiful Danish countryside.

Prehistory presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting makes for an excellent museum experience at Moesgaard Museum. The past becomes alive and the people in the exhibits step forward and provide visitors with a better understanding of times past and how we arrived at where we are today. The Museum is among other things the home of the famous “Grauballe Man”. On the way back to Aarhus we take a quick look at Vilhelmsborg Manor, which today is The National Equestrian Centre.

Silkeborg is located in the Lake District and is a short drive from the Sky Mountain, where the poet St.St. Blicher held his public meetings almost a hundred years ago. Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, dedicated to the great artist Asger Jorn, is located by the lakes, just a short walk from “Indelukket” from where it is possible to take a boat trip in the beautiful scenery. During our drive through the countryside, we pass the ruins of “Øm Monastery” as well as picturesque villages.

The Manor House “Gl. Estrup”, today a museum, is more than 500 years old and gives us a picture of manor life in the old days. Enjoy the newly renovated Great Hall decorated with Flemish tapestries. We also visit the renaissance castle Rosenholm, owned by the Rosenkrantz family. See and hear about the family portraits painted by well-known artists. And if you hear the sound of heavy boots on the stairs, it can only be the evil Palle Rosenkrantz – the ghost of the Rosenholm Castle.

Ebeltoft is a small picturesque town, perfect for a walk through the cobblestone streets. “Fregatten Jylland” is a warship that took part in the battle of Helgoland in 1864. Today it is a museum. On the way, we drive through the Mols Hills National Park, formed in the Ice Age, and with some of the most beautiful and hilly scenery in the country,. The Kalø Castle Ruin can be viewed across the bay where it stands as a monument of the past.

Fyrkat is a ring fort erected by King Harold Bluetooth towards the end of the 10th century. But who actually lived in this ring fort? We visit a reconstructed Viking village nearby and a longhouse on the site. During the tour, you will hear about the life of the Vikings, their expeditions and their faith. Finally, we make a stop at Råsted Church, which boasts unique frescoes dating back to the 12th century.

A city tour takes you through Aarhus and shows you the most important sights. We visit Aarhus Cathedral, dating back to 1520 and “The Old Town”, an open air museum. We pass Aarhus University, ARoS and the cultural centre of Aarhus. We make a photo stop at Marselisborg Palace, the summer residence of the Royal family, and the Memorial Park, one of the city’s oases for outdoor exercise and relaxation. Finally, the Port of Aarhus and the Harbour Front complete our city tour.

In 2016, Aarhus City Hall celebrates it’s 75th anniversary. The functionalist building is now protected, as it is very much worthy of preservation in it’s original form. The Tower of the City Hall can be visited in a separate tour, or combined with other of Aarhus’ attractions.

The Botanical Garden is a green oasis in the middle of Aarhus. Here you’ll find flowers, plants and trees from all over the world. The 20 acre-park also contains the greenhouses, which can be visited during the day. Everyone is welcome for a picnic in the green surroundings.

Aros Art Museum always has an interesting exhibition on. From Olafur Eliassons ’The Rainbow’ you have a fantastic, multi-coloured view over Aarhus and the bay. The museum also has a shop and a gastronomically inspiring café.

Aarhus Harbour is the thriving workplace for many of the citizens of Aarhus. It is where the huge container ships dock, and where the many cruise ships bring one-day tourists to Aarhus.

Aarhus University is the city’s educational centre for further education, and is located a little to the north of the city centre. The characteristic yellow buildings encircle the park, which is perfect for a stroll and a peek inside the Auditoriums, with wall art by Per Kirkeby.

Aarhus City Hall boasts incredibly unique architecture within. Most of the original interior is designed by Arne Jacobsen, especially for the City Hall. Walking along the different floors of the building almost make you feel like you are in an American prison.

The Aarhus Theatre is one of Hack Kampmanns edifices. Finished in 1900, it is beautifully decorated with paintings and symbols.


The Aarhus Docklands is the new, up-and-coming neighbourhood on the waterfront. Here there are new property developments, educational institutions, industrial sites, business developments, ’city gardens’ and a beach bar – all with a dose of gorgeous sea air.

DK_Louise (1)
DK_Louise (1)

A popular city walk for families and work colleagues. Listen carefully to what the guide says and quiz your friends, family and colleagues afterwards. Depending on the theme, the questions could be ’Which architect drew the theatre?’, ’Who is the man with the bike on Immervad?’ After the tour, let your guests answer the questions that the guide gives to the quizmaster.

The Marselisborg Royal Gardens are filled with experiences. They include a sculpture park, a rose garden, a vegetable garden, and a very beautiful house to look at. The castle was built by Hack Kampmann as a wedding gift to King Christian X and his Queen.

’Outside Aarhus’ encompasses all our coach tours out of the city. We offer almost all types of tours. Typically we can show you Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget, Ebeltoft and Fregatten Jylland, Randers and the Rainforest, and the manors on Djursland. If you have specific wishes, we can cater to them as well.

The Old Town is a national open-air museum, which showcases houses from the 16th century up until the modern city. Here you can experience how life was lived in the different ages – how you were dressed, what you ate, and how the different classes lived their lives.

’Outside Aarhus’ encompasses all our coach tours out of the city. We offer almost all types of tours. Typically we can show you Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget, Ebeltoft and Fregatten Jylland, Randers and the Rainforest, and the manors on Djursland. If you have specific wishes, we can cater to them as well.

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