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The association Aarhus Guides is the largest and most experienced organisation of professional guides in Aarhus, the Central Region of Denmark, and the rest of Jutland. For more than 60 years, Aarhus Guides have been providing group tours in Aarhus, catering for all ages and languages. It’s our goal to convey Denmark’s culture, history, architecture and design in a way that is entertaining for everyone. We adjust our tours to accommodate our audience, whether we’re guiding for families, workplaces, organisations or tourists from cruise ships. We offer guided tours in multiple languages, e.g. Danish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Members of the board

Chairperson: Kirsten Strunge Larsen

Deputy chairperson: Ulla Madsen

Members of the Board:

   Jette Bøjesen

   Carl Ancher Pedersen

   Elena Bouzinova

   Irina Ovchinnikova

   Treasurer/member of the Board: Walter Lupp

Tel. +45 25 88 88 17

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Our main focus is the city of Aarhus and its many attractions. To name a few: The Old Town, Aros Art Museum, Aarhus Cathedral, The Church of Our Lady and MoMu (Moesgaard Museum). An Aarhus Guide is always updated on what is going on in the city. We’re always updated on the newest building constructions (for example in the Aarhus Docklands), latest events (Classic Car Race, the Aarhus Festival), and when the Royal Family is visiting their summer residence, The Marselisborg Castle. Take a look at our scheduled trips, to see what we have planned.

Under Attractions you'll find inspiration for personalised and group-trips. We'll also happily guide on tours you may be going on, out of the city. These could include; Ebeltoft, Rosenholm slot, Gammel Estrup Manormuseum, Clausholm Castle, Silkeborg and Himmelbjerget, Jelling, Fyrkat..

Regardless of your particular interests, we'll gladly assist with input and planning for your day out, sightseeing in and around Aarhus.


Up to 1 hour DKK 950/euro 128
Up to 2 hours DKK 1.375/Euro 185
Up to 3 hours DKK 1.775/Euro 238
Up to 4 hours DKK 2.175/Euro 292
Up to 5 hours DKK 2.475/Euro 332
Up to 6 hours DKK 2.775/Euro 372
Up to 7 hours DKK 3.075/Euro 412
Up to 8 hours DKK 3.375/Euro 452
Up to 9 hours and transfers: ask for a quote


If you have any questions or special wishes, please feel free to write us!

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